Warframe Developer Confirms Cross Save Progression Before The End of 2023

After years of fans wishing, Warframe is finally getting cross save progression by the end of the year.

Developer Digital Extremes has been working on its free-to-play MMO Warframe for over a decade now. Throughout all that time, Digital Extremes has ported Warframe to nearly every major platform, including the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. With it being available across so many platforms, fans have been asking Digital Extremes to add cross save progression so that they can bring their characters with them to different platforms. This weekend at the annual TennoCon event, Digital Extremes revealed that cross save progression will finally be coming to Warframe by the end of the year.

Importantly, the messaging behind cross save progression on Warframe reads "Take your account with you anywhere, on any platform." Sometimes when feautes like this are rolled out, certain consoles get left in the dust. Generally, that's either old-gen consoles like PS4 and Xbox One or the underpowered Nintendo Switch. However, this feature is coming to every console, paving the way for PC players to take their character with them on the go via their Switch later this year.

What Transfers With Cross Save Progression in Warframe?

While the cross save progression comes across with you to every platform, it's important to know exactly what transfers over between consoles. Some games only give you access to certain elements of your account instead of just giving you access to everything. Fortunately, it looks like Warframe players will have everything come with them when they move from platform to platform.

Specifically, the official writeup says that players will bring their "Mastery Rank, Focus, Rewards, Equipment, and more" to any platform they hop onto. That's great to see for anyone worried that they won't have their entire character coming across with them when they go from PC to Switch or another platform.

What Else Was Announced at TennoCon 2023?

Of course, TennoCon is the biggest yearly event Warframe does. The developers at Digital Extremes always take that opportunity to announce a host of cool things coming down the pike for the hit MMO. One of the first things announced at the event is that Mage and Frost are getting new Heirloom Collections to celebrate the 10-year Anniversary of Warframe. Digital Extremes also announced the Abyss of Dagath update that's coming in October. It'll include Dagath, the 54th Warframe, alongside a new story for players to dive into.

However, the big-ticket item from this year's TennoCon might just be the Whispers in the Walls update coming this winter. The developers are promising the "hair-raising conflict" will "shake the Origin System to its very core." Plus, there's the new Warframe: 1999 story, an iOS release in 2024, and much more. It's a very exciting time for Warframe players and there should be all kinds of new things to play throughout the course of the next few months. 

Warframe is available now on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC platforms. The iOS version is coming sometime next year.