Warframe Developer Announces New Fantasy MMO Soulframe

Warframe developer Digital Extremes has announced its new fantasy game, Soulframe. Warframe is one of the most popular MMOs out there, largely because it's got cool ninjas doing cool ninja stuff with guns. There is literally no better pitch for a video game for that, but it's been running for quite some time. The game has been online for ten years running and has consistently managed to build upon itself to expand its ambitions, lure in new fans, and nurture veterans of the game. With that said, the developer is setting its eyes on a new project that will take a lot of the lessons learned from Warframe and apply them to something new.

Digital Extremes has announced Soulframe, a new fantasy MMO that is the "mirror universe" of Warframe. It's not a sequel to the developer's current game, but it's more of a relative or spiritual successor. Think how all of FromSoftware's games have general similarities to each other, but aren't necessarily sequels or part of the same franchises. The game will focus more on melee combat, exploration, and different themes than Warframe. As of right now, the game is in very early development. In an interview with The Washington Post, the developers noted that basic concepts began floating around in 2019 with a small time and development properly ramped up this past February. With that said, it sounds like it's still a ways away, but a trailer that captures the tone of the game and paints an idea of what Digital Extremes is going for can be seen below.

A number of key creatives such as Steve Sinclair will be moving away from Warframe to focus on SoulframeWarframe will still very much exist as Rebecca Ford will be taking on the mantle of creative director on the game, meaning fans can still expect content from the game. Nonetheless, it's good to hear there is something new coming, even though it will likely be a while before we get anything substantial from it.