Warriors Orochi 4 Official Trailer and Release Date Revealed

Warriors fans rejoice! Warriors Orochi 4 is headed to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Steam, and PS4 on October 16, and this morning, Koei Tecmo released a dazzling new trailer to whet your appetites. As you might have heard, Zeus (yes, that Zeus) will play a significant role in the story this time around, we get a great look at him in action in this new trailer. Check it out above!

Looks pretty epic, right? The official game description can now be found on the official Warriors Orochi 4 website, and it sets up an epic story-line that pits you against the gods themselves:

"The re-assembled heroes are faced with yet another new battle. The key to solving this mysterious situation and returning the world back to normal are eight 'bracelets' that possess great power. In search of these bracelets, the heroes clash against one another with their individual convictions. Before long it becomes apparent that Zeus, the king of the gods of Mount Olympus, is behind this. What is his aim in rebuilding this parallel world in which the heroes battled against Orochi? In order to solve this mystery, the heroes decide t battle against the gods."

We were lucky enough to get some hands-on time with Warriors Orochi 4 at E3, and the new magic attacks really do shake things up quite a bit. Each character will be able to wield basic and charged magic attacks, as well as unique magic that packs a larger punch.

Experienced players will be able to chain together impressive combo strings and take out huge groups of enemies by swapping characters on the fly, and chaining together their combo and magic attacks for huge damage. Over time, a special meter will build up that allows you to execute a unity attack that will see all members of your party come together to unleash a massive ultimate attack. Save this one for boss fights, or when you're in trouble and overwhelmed!


Warriors Orochi is all about wish fulfillment and action. This series is hailed as the ultimate mashup, since it brings together kings, samurai, and now, gods. All of your favorite heroes from past Warriors games are here, with over 170 characters to choose from. The roster is insane, and for those of you who want hours of novelty and deep combat mechanics, Warriors Orochi 4 looks like the total package.

We'll have more gameplay impressions and details for you as we near launch, so stay tuned!