Watch Apple Event Online Live

With the previous event showcasing the brand new iPhone and Apple Watch line, the company has even more surprises up their sleeve with a newly announced live event kicking off today at 9AM ET.

Apple took to their Twitter account to tease the upcoming event with a highly colorized graphic and a "when and where" to tune in:

The comment section was pretty clueless as to what the surprise event could be, though a few speculated that since the previous one was so phone-focused that this event will be about their computer and iPad lines.

For those that missed that last month live event, the multibillion-dollar company revealed their new iPhone line with the Xs, Xs Max, and the Xr. They also debuted their Apple Watch Series 4 that showed off a companion app for the more active Apple users. Overall both big reveals were a big hit, though the price points were predictably high. One thing is for certain though - no matter which model one chooses, everything revealed thus far distinctly felt like an Apple product, which is what people pay for with the higher prices.

For those that are interested in the new Elder Scrolls: Legends game from Bethesda, the previous event also showed off some more gameplay on the new iPhones to show how much their line has evolved with the mobile gamer in mind. Honestly, the footage Bethesda's Todd Howard showed off looked beyond stunning and with the rising popularity of mobile games with an effort for realism, it looks like the new iPhones to satiate that craving.


If the new event is to be solely focused on PC, we might see another gaming nod once more. With PC gaming on the rise and Mac already starting to delve into this realm in the past, nevermind that Microsoft is bridging the gap between their PCs and the Xbox One, it's possible we see some more news on how their new line can stack up and what that means for the gaming community.

What are you hoping to see in the new reveal? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!