We Stumbled Upon A Little Nicky Video Game And It’s Bizarre


When looking upon the Adam Sandler filmography – and trying to skip past whatever the heck Jack and Jill was – one has to transfix a little bit on Little Nicky. The 2000 comedy was actually an underappreciated film in the Sandler lexicon, mainly because it was hard to accept the idea of Satan's son trying to save the world as a heartwarming tale. But it was still more watchable than most of Sandler's later stuff, especially whatever Pixels was trying to be.

Anyway, in our search for little video game oddities, we came across the Game Boy Color game of the same name, Little Nicky. The title was developed by Digital Eclipse and released by Ubisoft, and features a similar plotline to the film, as you set out to save the world from Satan's renegade sons by going through a number of platforming levels, along with a few mini-games.

Just the fact this game exists is a bit on the bizarre side, because you don't really see too many Sandler properties translated into video game form. Heck, we never even got that Happy Gilmore game where we got to get into a fight with Bob Barker and engage in long-range golf ball drive contests. But…here's Little Nicky.


The game's art style was, um, typical at best for a game such as this, and we didn't even get the pleasure of hearing Nicky's voice within the game. (Well, displeasure too maybe, depending on how much you could tolerate it from the original film.) Still, it fared slightly better than most movie-licensed fare, just because of Digital Eclipse's development. The team actually did a decent job with its platforming.

That said, though, the game just didn't sell, mainly because Little Nicky just didn't do that well at the box office. Since then, Ubisoft has kind of backed off of licensed fare in favor of more established franchises, like its forthcoming entries in the Assassin's Creed and Far Cry series. But we still have Nicky, still being the oddball that he is.


And let's look on the bright side – at least we didn't get a game based on Grown Ups. Or, for that matter, Grown Ups 2.