What All Do You Get From Star Wars: Battlefront’s Expansions On EA Access?

Electronic Arts continues to make its EA Access program for Xbox One (and, for that matter, Origin [...]


Electronic Arts continues to make its EA Access program for Xbox One (and, for that matter, Origin Access on PC) a tremendous one for players to partake in. Not only does it offer a strong amount of titles to choose from in the EA Vault, but it's adding several new ones, including Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2, along with various sports titles that will push up its value quite a bit.

But that value keeps getting better with the addition of secondary content as well. A few months back, the original Star Wars: Battlefront was added to the program, enabling players to get into its multiplayer action before the sequel makes its way to store shelves this November. Now, that experience has expanded, as EA has added all the expansions for the game to the Vault, free of charge (for those that subscribe, that is.) We talked about this briefly in our previous story, but let's break down just what all there is to offer.

There are four different expansions in all that add a wealth of new multiplayer content into the mix, including the Outer Rim, the city of Bespin (first made famous in the 1980 classic The Empire Strikes Back), the Death Star battle (straight out of the 1977 A New Hope), and the Rogue One: Scarif expansion, based on the film of the same name.

In addition to new maps for players to enjoy, the expansion also introduces various characters into the fold that they can try out, including Greedo, Lando Calrissian, and Jyn Erso, along with a handful of others. There are also a new variety of modes to try out as well, and now you can do so on the house if you're a subscriber to the program.

While some players have held off checking out Battlefront in favor of the much more balanced follow-up (with its offering of new heroes, maps and single player content), the original game is still well worth a look, especially when it comes to its aerial combat mode, along with pitting heroes against one another, just to see who the last one left standing is. And the new maps make it even more worthwhile.

Star Wars: Battlefront is available now for Xbox One, along with PC and PlayStation 4.