Wingspan Announces Next Expansion to Help Australian Wildlife Rescue

Stonemaier Games has announced the next expansion to its hit game Wingspan to help raise money to rescue animals affected by recent wildfires in Australia. Earlier today, Stonemaier Games announced on the Wingspan Facebook page that the next expansion would focus on birds from Australia and Oceania. Additionally, Stonemaier would also donate $1 for each person who signed up for the company's newsletter between now and January 22nd, with proceeds going to WIRES, a wildlife rescue organization in Australia. Not only will signing up for the newsletter go towards a good cause, those who sign up will also be the first to know when the Oceania Expansion is available for pre-order.


Wingspan was one of the surprise board game hits of 2019 - a unique medium-weight game in which players try to attract the best birds to their nature reserves. Bird cards can be played to one of three different habitats, each of which offers its own unique resource that can be activated on a player's turn. During each turn, a player chooses to activate a habitat and collects either food, egg, or bird cards, which are then spent to add more birds to a habitat. The more birds in a habitat, the more resources a player generates on their turn. In addition, specific species of birds have bonus powers, which are activated either when played or when their habitat is activated. Players can set up powerful combinations of bird powers that can grant them food, eggs, or other beneficial effects. Players earn victory points by completing certain public or personal goals, and the player with the most victory points at the end of four rounds wins the game.

You can sign up for Stonemaier Games' newsletter here. Not only does it help the many animals affected by devastating fires in Australia, you'll also have the opportunity to get news from one of the top board game publishers in the industry.