Wolfenstein 2 For Nintendo Switch Will Reportedly Require a Huge Install

Back in April, Bethesda confirmed the release date for the Nintendo Switch version of Wolfenstein [...]

Wolfenstein II

Back in April, Bethesda confirmed the release date for the Nintendo Switch version of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, bringing yet another quality AAA title to Nintendo's little handheld. And our early hands-on of the game are very promising, meaning fans everywhere can expect another great go-around of Nazi-killing action.

Just keep in mind that it will come at a price. No, we don't mean one that will affect your wallet too much; but rather, one that will require you to upgrade to a higher memory card.

A new report has appeared over at Nintenderos suggesting that the game will require a huge download, whether you're buying the digital version or the physical version. You may have noticed that with the game's box art for the retail edition, it noted that a required Internet download was needed to play it. Now we've got a good idea of how much.

The report indicates that the game will require a massive 23GB download in order to work. This is apparently on top of the 13.7GB that's required for the game download in general, meaning you'll need a total of at least 37GB in order to get the game to run.

Now, the Nintendo Switch has 32GB of default space on its default card so getting the game to run on that size is a no-go. You'll need to upgrade to a 64GB or maybe even higher in order for Wolfenstein II to run at all.

Bethesda hasn't confirmed this download size just yet but that number sounds about right. Both Skyrim and Doom are hefty downloads for the system, clocking in at 15GB and 22GB, respectively. And even if you go retail, Doom requires you to download an additional 5GB of data just to get multiplayer to work.

It's something that will force you to upgrade but it's a small price to pay for those that want to take the actions of B.J. Blazkowicz wherever they go. We'll let you know if Bethesda says anything about the download size closer to the game's release -- but don't be surprised if this figure holds up.

And keep in mind that the Switch download size is still less than what the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions clock in at just over 48GB before downloadable content and updates.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus will release on June 29 for Nintendo Switch. It's available now for other platforms.