Blizzard Community Rep Lays Down the Law Amidst WoW Server Issues

World of Warcraft is a notoriously large MMORPG and long-time fans know that when a new expansion [...]

World of Warcraft is a notoriously large MMORPG and long-time fans know that when a new expansion launches, especial one on the scale of Battle for Azeroth, there will be pretty hefty server issues. It's to be expected and honestly? It's understandable. But picture this: You're a community rep. You not only deal with trolls on a daily basis like anyone else on the internet, but thousands and thousands of them and it's your job to deal with them. That's enough to make anyone snap eventually and though this "snappage" still managed to be respectful, they definitely laid down the law real quick.

Not only were, and still are, issues getting into a server - but there are a few glitches as well that affect players from completing certain quests or equipping particular items. When the Blizzard support Twitter page referenced an article about what players should do if they didn't receive the Heart of Azeroth item, one player seems to think that the company can't handle multiple issues at once. The community rep politely, but firmly, set them straight:

The community was here for the takedown, loving the "spicy" clapback:

Though some did mention it was unprofessional, honestly - they stated fact. Was it sassy? Absolutely, but there was no name calling, no degrading commentary, and honestly - the community does need to take responsibility concerning how they treat fellow human beings. Being frustrated is completely normal, and understandable - being needlessly rude and cruel to people because you can't play a game a certain time is not necessary. Though we're sure the rep may be getting a stern talking to, they made a fair point at the end of the day.

As for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, the latest expansion is now live and ready to be enjoyed!

What do you think about how Blizzard handled the situation? Funnily accurate or crossing a professional line? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below and let us know what you think about how the team handled the latest critique.