World War Z Not Coming Until 2019, New "Horde" Trailer Released

Developer Saber Interactive has confirmed that World War Z will not be launching this year, and [...]

Developer Saber Interactive has confirmed that World War Z will not be launching this year, and will rather ship sometime in 2019.

However, to alleviate the bad news, the developer has also released a brand new trailer of the four-player cooperative game that is based on the 2013 blockbuster film of the same name, which highlights one of the game's most important features: its horde.

If you're familiar with the World War Z property, you will know it is visually defined by its massive zombie hordes scaling walls and laying waste to everything in their path. For the game, there will be hundreds of zombies on the screen at any given time, and who can swarm – dynamically – whenever, and virtually wherever. Think Left 4 Dead, but on steroids. And just like in the film, and in many other zombie games, high ground won't save you. Zombies in World War Z can use each other to quickly scale walls and continue the chase.

Naturally, zombies will also have dynamic spawn generation and will be varied and represented across multiple different types, such as zombies with terrifyingly long leaping abilities and armored brutes with equally terrifying charges. Oh, and naturally there is an advanced gore system to ensure shooting into crowds of hundreds of zombies looks as good as it feels. There's not only lots of blood, but even dismembering body part carnage.

The gameplay looks a bit janky in moments, and it's far from the most graphically impressive game; however, the former may be due to the fact the game is still a bit away from release and its final state, while the latter may simply be a byproduct of having so much on a screen at any given time.

World War Z is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. At the moment, beyond a vague release window of "2019," there's no word on when to specifically expect the multiplayer title to arrive. There's also no word on a Nintendo Switch version.

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