World War Z Getting An Official Game


It's been a little bit since Brad Pitt's World War Z film was in theaters, creating a great deal of intensity while, at the same time, piling on tons of zombies. But what if we could get that in a video game?

It appears that's just what we're getting. During tonight's The Game Awards telecast, Paramount introduced a video game based on World War Z. It's coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, and while it doesn't appear to have a release date, it's expected that the game will come sometime in 2018.

At first, the trailer resembles something along the lines of Metro: Exodus, with a Russian voiceover and a post-nuclear landscape. But it isn't long before we see what the tone of the trailer really offers, with thousands of zombies piling in the streets while a helicopter hangs overhead, and a handful of survivors fending them off with guns.

The game appears to have a Left 4 Dead theme going for it, although it's unknown if the game will be first or third party just yet. Whatever the case, it appears the game does have co-op, as several players team up to take on enemies within the game. We'll let you know once that's confirmed.

You can check out the trailer below. Be sure to check back for more information on its release!