Rumor: Wreck-It Ralph 2 May Feature Mario

Super Mario

Tomorrow we’ll be getting a new trailer for Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2. And it should give us a good idea of not only more details about the main story, but also who else is involved with the main characters. And an interesting listing over at IMDB suggests that a certain Mario icon could pop up over the course of the film.

Per that listing, there are several actors that will be portraying roles in the sequel, including Anthony Daniels as C3PO; Ming-Na Wen as Mulan; Idina Menzel as Elsa; and Linda Larkin as Jasmine. But then we noticed a particular name standing out in the crowd, none other than Charles Martinet.

In case you might have forgotten, Martinet is the voice behind the iconic Mario character in various Nintendo games. Sure, he also has a side stint as a narrator in Runner 3, but he’s mainly known for voicing the heroic plumber.

It notes that Mario is set to make some kind of appearance within the film. It’s not known exactly where but considering that iconic characters like Q*Bert and Sonic the Hedgehog showed up in the first Ralph, it’s likely Mario could be stepping up. (And don’t forget we saw Bowser in the first movie, too; so Nintendo could easily be agreeing to an appearance.)

Disney hasn’t said a word about the character appearing in the forthcoming sequel. And let’s not forget that he’s also going to star in his own movie over at Universal, which is being produced by Illumination Entertainment and Shigeru Miyamoto. So the rumor could very well fizzle out.

But if he does show up, he’d certainly please a lot of die-hard Nintendo fans out there. We’ll let you know if tomorrow’s trailer confirms anything. At the very least, the Disney princesses and C3PO sound like safe bets since they’re part of the company.


The story thus far has Ralph, alongside Vanellope, traveling through a wireless Internet router that’s been hooked into the arcade and getting into all kinds of trouble on the Internet. The film is set to open on November 21st so we’ll see just how crazy these exploits get.

(Hat tip to NintendoLife for the scoop!)