WWE SmackDown's Cesaro Talks Epic UNO Battles with DaParty and Makes His Pitch for a Special Themed Deck

Cesaro is used to destroying opponents in the ring, something we've watched him do throughout his career in WWE on a regular basis. These days he calls the blue brand SmackDown his home, but as upset as he can get at whoever he is facing in the ring during SmackDown, it probably still pales in comparison to getting a bad draw in UNO. When he's not wrestling, Cesaro can often be found playing UNO with his #DaParty buddies Xavier Woods, Tyler Breeze, and Adam Cole, and if you've ever watched them play, you know it's often immensely entertaining. ComicBook.com had the chance to talk to Cesaro about this big match with Shinsuke Nakamura against The New Day tonight, but we had to get in a bit of UNO talk before we left, and despite the frustration that can happen it's something he absolutely loves.

"Yes, I do get frustrated with UNO cards, yes," Cesaro said with a laugh. "Oh, man. That's so great that you asked. That's one of my favorite things. I really look forward to every week when we all play UNO because it's such... you know like, me, Adam Cole, Tyler Breeze, and Xavier Woods, it's just so many different characters, and we all have a good time. One of our favorite things is before we start recording, we all just talk and have a good laugh and then we start, and all the stuff that you see us coming up with and saying, it all just happens. I'm so glad that people enjoy it and that it just helps them have a good time for an hour every Wednesday."

DaParty's UNO streams have become extremely popular, and while he didn't expect this exact reaction, he understands it, as he also has a love of card games from being on the road.

"No and yes. It comes back to the whole purist thing," Cesaro said. "On the European Tour, when everybody is like on the bus talking and having fun, playing video games or whatever, I like playing cards with some of the crew guys up front that have been doing it for a long time. So I love playing card games. I love to play poker with my friends, and back in Switzerland, we play a lot of cards when we go to restaurants and eat and stuff."

It also doesn't hurt that pretty much anyone can pick up UNO in a matter of minutes, though despite its simplicity, everyone knows the pain of someone screwing them over with a few Draw 2s or a badly timed Skip. Cesaro also teases playing UNO on a bigger stage at some point.

"UNO I've played, but I haven't played it with my friends in like 20 years," Cesaro said. "But it's such a fun game because everybody understands it. It's not that complicated to play, so everybody knows the frustration and can just kind of live it again with us. Hopefully, we'll play UNO on a bigger stage with more people soon. It's just such a fun game to connect with because it just shows the more human side of all of us."

Woods and the rest of the crew have dropped several hints to Mattel in regards to getting a DaParty themed deck put into the game, and if it happens Cesaro has some ideas about what the set should feature and include.

"Oh, 100%, we all are trying to drop as many hints as we can to get the party theme UNO deck," Cesaro said. "To me, everybody has their favorite, right? So as the purist, I, of course, love the plain simple UNO rules, but then the rapid stacks where you have to go really fast, all of a sudden, it's a lot of fun because it stresses people out. And then and the ones with the backwards and forwards, when you have cards on the back end as well, because Adam Cole can never remember what kind of card the other people have, which in turn stresses Woods out to no end. It's so cool."

"So I think we would have like a mix of all of it and maybe instead of the colors, you would have one of our characters on there," Cesaro said. "So it will be, everybody has different suits. I think that would be fun, and we would definitely also take some fun votes into consideration because I feel like DaParty Deck needs to be with the DaParty people."


Alright, Mattel, you have everything you need, so make it happen! Fingers crossed folks.

Cesaro trades in his UNO cards for uppercuts when he teams with Shinsuke Nakamura to take on The New Day for the Tag Team Championships, and you can watch it all go down on tonight's SmackDown, which airs on FOX at 8 EST. As always you can talk all things WWE and gaming with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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