Xbox E3 2019 Showcase Will Feature "More First Party Games" Than Ever, Says Phil Spencer

This year's E3 is under two weeks away, which means many studios are making their final [...]

This year's E3 is under two weeks away, which means many studios are making their final preparations before gaming's biggest show goes down. While some big names have opted out of attending this year's event, it is still shaping up to be one of the biggest we've seen. With Sony being one of the companies passing on the festivities, Microsoft is poised to take up a lot of the spotlight, especially if they end up revealing the next Xbox console. That said, when it comes to software, there will be plenty of it on display as Phil Spencer himself has noted that they will have "more first party games" than ever during their showcase.

Xboss Phil Spencer recently took to Twitter to disclose that they are wrapping up the final rehearsal before the big show. "Just finishing our final E3 rehearsal here with the team in Redmond," he said. "Feel really good about the briefing. Lots to show. We have 14 Xbox Game Studios games in the show this year, more first party games than we've ever had in the show. Fun times."

After the acquisition spree that Microsoft and the Xbox team went on last year, it is entirely understandable that they would have a handful of first party games to show for it. It's worth noting, however, that Spencer did not specify if the 14 games that will be present during the Xbox showcase are all brand new reveals. There is a good chance that we've already seen a couple of the titles, but it is exciting to think about could be on the horizon.

The Xbox showcase at this year's E3 is set to take place on Sunday, June 9th at 1 p.m. PT. It was recently revealed by Microsoft that the presentation will be two hours long, so the more games to fill that time, the better. We already know the likes of Halo Infinite and Gears 5 will be there, so we can only imagine what else is in store for fans.

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