Xbox Game Pass Gets 2 Day One Releases at the Same Time

Xbox Game Pass subscribers have today gained not just one new day-one release, but two. As Game Pass members have come to expect from Xbox, new titles have been joining the subscription service on the same day of their actual launch for quite some time. And while this will surely continue to be a trend moving forward, Game Pass subscribers have today seen a rare double-helping of brand-new games to check out.  

As of this moment, Xbox Game Pass members can now gain access to both Pentiment and Somerville via the subscription service. Pentiment is a first-party game from developer Obsidian Entertainment, which means that its addition to Game Pass was very much expected. Not to mention, Pentiment has a bit of a larger spotlight on itself since this is one of the only games releasing in 2022 from Xbox Game Studios. 

Conversely, Somerville is a bit more of an unknown quantity. Coming from developer Jumpship, Somerville is the first game that the studio has ever released. That being said, Jumpship was founded by one of the former members of Playdead, which is the studio that created the indie darlings Limbo and Inside. While it's not known if Somerville can live up to the same quality seen in these other titles, those who were fans of Inside and Limbo might want to check out Jumpship's inaugural project through the Xbox subscription platform. 

If you'd like to learn more about both of these additions to Xbox Game Pass, you can check out descriptions and trailers for each below. 


"In the wake of catastrophe you must find the means to make your family whole again. Somerville is a Sci-Fi adventure grounded in the intimate repercussions of large scale conflict. You embark on a journey to find the whereabouts of your family in the wake of an alien invasion. Live through the personal struggles of a young family separated in the final moments of a global conflict against a hostile alien civilization. Discover first hand the full impact on others of this catastrophic event."


"From Obsidian, [Pentiment] is a historical narrative-driven game focusing on character development, heavily stylized art, and choice-driven storytelling in early 16th century Bavaria. Players will play as Andreas Maler, a clever illustrator caught up in a series of murders in Tassing and Kiersau Abbey over the course of twenty five years. Players will be responsible for conducting their own investigation to decide the fate of the community, but each decision will have lasting consequences and inexorably draws Andreas closer to the center of an underlying conspiracy."