Xbox Game Pass User Creates the Perfect Guide for Finding a New Game

If you’re stuck at home and are having a hard time because of social distancing measures or because the coronavirus has impacted your schedule and you’re trying to figure out what game you should play next, one user’s guide for everything that’s available on the Xbox Game Pass might help you find what you’ve been looking for. A Reddit user created a useful infographic that categorizes every single game currently available on Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service into what genre each game would fit into so that subscribers can head right to their genre of choice to choose a game based on what they’re in the mood for.

The Redditor by the name of ThomasdeB1505 created the infographic shown below that’s a lot to look at initially but becomes much more manageable once you zoom in on a genre of your choosing. Categories like Arcade, RPG, Rhythm, and “For People Who Have Never Played Games Before” exist within the graphic. There’s also a list of personal favorites including hits like Batman Arkham Knight and The Witcher III: Wild Hunt along with some games that didn’t make the cut anywhere else.

I categorized ALL game pass games because of the quarantine from r/xboxone

For those who want to see each section on its own, the same user created an album that divides the sections into their own photos. Seeing how Xbox Game Pass is available on either the Xbox One family of consoles or on PC and has different games depending on which platform you choose, the infographic creator also color-coded the games with a border to denote whether they were available everywhere or only on certain platforms.


“The games have either no border, or a green or blue border,” the user said. “No border means that it is available on both PC and Xbox, a green border means that it is only available on Xbox and a blue border means that it is only available on PC.”

The guide couldn’t have come at a better time seeing how many people are stuck at home and turning to their backlog of games to play through once they’ve gotten tired of DOOM Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Microsoft keeps an ongoing list of everything that’s in Xbox Game Pass as games are removed and added, but seeing a bunch of titles back-to-back can be a lot to process if you’re just looking for something casual to play. An infographic like the one created above shows the best of what Xbox Game Pass has to offer in a way that anyone can easily navigate.

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