Xbox Game Pass Not Getting 2020's Biggest Release, But Big Announcement Reportedly Coming Soon

Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on PC and Xbox One have been getting some big games this year, including new releases as they drop, but they won't be getting Cyberpunk 2077, which is arguably 2020's biggest release. However, it looks like Microsoft may be preparing to make a major Xbox Game Pass announcement later this month at the Xbox Series X games showcase.

According to Venture Beat writer and industry insider Jeff Grub, Microsoft is planning to talk about Xbox Game Pass at the aforementioned event. Of course, this isn't the surprising part. You'd expect Microsoft to do this. Xbox Game Pass is an increasingly big part of Xbox's offering. That said, Grubb teases Microsoft will offer a major third-party game on Game Pass not long after release.

"This is where Microsoft’s third-party strategy could come into play," said Grubb. "Expect Microsoft to try to make a big splash by announcing an anticipated third-party game hitting Game Pass soon after release."

Continuing this thread, Grubb notes Cyberpunk 2077 is a "prime candidate," presumably due to the fact that Xbox and CD Projekt Red have already collaborated for the title. That said, Radek Grabowski, CD Projekt Red's lead PR manager, has confirmed there are no plans to bring Cyberpunk 2077 to Xbox Game Pass.

cyberpunk 2077
(Photo: CD Projekt Red)

For those that don't know: Xbox Game Pass is a monthly subscription service that runs at $10 or $15 depending on what tier you subscribe to. As a subscriber to it, not only do you get unlimited access to a huge, evolving library of games, but you get other perks as well, such as exclusive discounts and the ability to occasionally play games early.

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