Xbox Head Believes Investing and Empowering Smaller Teams Can Make a Difference


When it comes to “winning the video game war” (so to speak), it’s not about the amount of ammunition, but how you make the shots count. Look at what Nintendo has done with its first year lineup for the Nintendo Switch -- or, for that matter, what Sony is doing right now with the amazing God of War.

It sounds like Microsoft wants to get on board with this theory and get back into the console battle after hacking a lackluster year with its Xbox brand in 2017. And Phil Spencer sounded off on the matter, saying it’s all about giving the teams not only the means to get things done, but also the empowerment.

Spencer made it clear that this is a logic that the company needs to follow. When a fan by the name of VIC SHADEZ sounded off on Twitter, he was quick to acknowledge the problem.

“Phil...we need something game changing,” said SHADEZ. “Like when halo gears and fable came on the gameplay/experiences. I’m sure you know this. BC is great and all. But I want something fresh. Something we’ve never experienced. Something to immerse us for years to come. Not just mp.”

And he does have a point. Backward compatibility goes a long way, to be sure -- but older games aren’t really the solution. New experiences are.

Spencer replied in his tweet, “Is that all, that’s a low bar” followed by a smiley face.

But then he got serious. “I hear you. Invest more, invest in teams, empower them to create deep worlds with interesting stories and characters and give them time.”

And many fans agree with this theory. Our own Matthew Hayes added, “You’ve got the right idea, dude. It’s a long-play for sure, and one worth making on Xbox. God of War stands as a testament to what a great team can do with the proper resources (the greatest resources obviously being time, and the freedom to take risks).”


Now all eyes are going to be on Xbox’s E3 presentation in a few weeks, as it will need to come out guns blazing with a number of announcements to bring the fans back. We’ve got a pretty good feeling about the surprises that are coming up, but now it’s time to see if Spencer and the team can get the job done. This fan pretty much sums up what we’ve seen in the past…

The Xbox presentation is set to take place on June 10. We’ll let you know what announcements come from the event.