Microsoft Offering Special $1 Deals For Xbox Live And Xbox Game Pass With New Commericals

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Looking for those last minute stocking stuffer ideas? How about an Xbox Live or Xbox Game Pass membership for the gamer in your life? Or maybe just for yourself, tis the season after all. For a limited time only, Microsoft is offering the first month for both subs for a small one dollar fee (one euro, if you're in the EU market).

Unfortunately the offer is only for new subscribers, but it does make the perfect gift if you have already subscribed yourself. In order to show off the holiday deal, Microsoft has released two new TV spots to show off the benefits of both memberships and why a $1 deal is too good to pass up:

Since it is the season of giving after all, there is another benefit to grabbing this sweet deal. For every subscription made during this time, the House of Xbox will donate $10 in Xbox credits to hospitals all around the world - which for those that are familiar with how programs like St. Jude work, is a fantastic helping hand.

If you end up getting either membership, and decide at the end of the month it's just not for you - both can be cancelled and no further charges will occur. After the promotion ends, the membership cost will resume to its normal fee.

More about Xbox Live:

  • Play with the greatest community of gamers on the most advanced multiplayer network
  • Game streaming
  • Avatar community access/creation
  • Xbox Play Anywhere, digital games no matter what the device (PC/Xbox)
  • Stay connected with friends

and more! You can check out the other benefits to the Xbox Live membership right here.

The Xbox Game Pass differs, it's a subscription based library, similar to that of Netflix, that allows gamers unlimited access to over 100 titles for just $9.99 a month. Happy gaming!