Xbox Gets New Microsoft Rewards App

A new Microsoft Rewards app is available for select Xbox One users that includes ways for players [...]


A new Microsoft Rewards app is available for select Xbox One users that includes ways for players to redeem their acquired points and get exclusive offers before anyone else.

Microsoft announced just yesterday that Xbox Insiders, the first to see al the new developments that are planned for the Xbox family, can now download the Microsoft Rewards app through the Xbox Insider Hub. All you have to do is head to the Xbox Insider Hub and check out the beta through the Insider Content page, but if it's not there just yet, Microsoft reassured Xboxers that it'll be available for more Xbox Insiders throughout the next few weeks.

For those who have already joined Microsoft Rewards in the past, you'll known that this is the prime place to spend points and get deals on all your gaming needs. If you haven't yet joined the program, Microsoft shared more details on how it works and what you can expect from it.

"In the app you'll be able to join Microsoft Rewards (if you're not already a member,) see exclusive offers just for Xbox fans, redeem your points for Microsoft Store gift cards, and check how many points you've earned from Microsoft purchases and searches with Bing," Microsoft's announcement post explained.

The Xbox One's Microsoft Rewards app is currently only available for Xbox Insiders in the United States, but once the app leaves the beta version and is fully released, Microsoft said that Microsoft Rewards will be available for everyone worldwide.

This app for Microsoft Rewards might remind Xbox players of the long-running Xbox Live Rewards program that offered similar deals, but those who recall the Microsoft announcement in past months will recall that plans were made to integrate Xbox Live Rewards into Microsoft Rewards. The two programs existed separately from each other in the past before Microsoft announced that Xbox Live Rewards would become Microsoft Rewards in June. With that time almost here, it makes sense that the beta version of the app would start rolling out now to prepare for a wider release for all Xbox One owners.

For players who still have some Rewards Credits in their accounts, Microsoft also said during the initial announcement that you've got until May 31 to use them before they're converted.

"If you have any pending Rewards Credits in your Xbox Live Rewards account on May 31, 2018, or if you are expecting your MyVIP deposit for purchases made in May 2018, Xbox Live Rewards will convert them into your local currency and deposit them in your Microsoft account by the end of June 2018," the Microsoft Rewards FAQ explained. "You will then have 1 year to spend that currency on digital items from the Microsoft Store."

Microsoft Rewards' app on the Xbox One is now available in beta version for Xbox Insiders.