Xbox One Design Labs Controllers On Sale For a Limited Time

Xbox One Design Lab

Microsoft’s Xbox One Design Lab controller program is brilliant. It literally lets you make the controller of your dreams (or nightmares), making your game sessions that much more personable. And now, you can get your own for cheap.

The publisher has started a new promotion, in which you can get your controller designed for just $69.99, down from the $79.99 it’s usually priced at. That’s actually pretty reasonable, since most of Microsoft’s general controllers sell for around $59.99-$64.99 anyway.

We’re not sure how long the sale is going on for, but it gives you a perfect opportunity to design it however you see fit.

The Xbox Design Lab controller program allows you to modify its design in a number of ways. This includes the general color on the front and the back, as well as different colors for the analog sticks, bumpers and trigger buttons. There are also options for your face buttons as well, though they’re not as varied as the rest of the controller, since they still read the A, B, X and Y, as well as general functions for start and select.

There are other options as well. You can engrave your controller however you see fit (within reason), although it will run you an extra $9.99 to do so. And there are also NFL-based controllers available, featuring all the teams from the league, although those are higher in price, going for just over $90. But, hey, the option’s there in case you ever wanted a Buffalo Bills controller or something.

The Xbox Design Lab does take a little while to put your controller together, as they’re estimated to ship out approximately 14 business days after you put your order in. But, again, shipping is free, and this is a good chance for you to make a controller that really says something about you. Want a Cuphead inspired controller? Go with a black, white and yellow motif. How about a Sonic the Hedgehog-inspired controller? Blue and white, baby!


Again, the sale is likely for a limited time, so head on over to the Xbox Design Lab page and get cracking. Play around with the options and see what amazingly weird design you can come up with.

Man, we should make some WWG controllers…