Xbox One and Xbox Series X March Update Revealed

Xbox's March update was officially announced this week with three key features to look forward to: The ability to pin different games to the Quick Resume function, the option to remap different inputs to your controller's "Share" button, and the Audio Setup Wizard feature to allow for quick setup when connecting your console to HDMI-compatible devices. As a smaller part of the update, Xbox also announced that the latest firmware update for various controllers is now available, too, so if you've got one of the devices that just got the latest release, you should hopefully be experiencing improved performance now.

Of the features mentioned above, the biggest two will undoubtedly be the "Pin to Quick Resume" option as well as the ability to remap the Share button. The first of those lets you further make use of the Quick Resume feature which already allows people to snap back and forth between games and other apps. Following the download of this update, you'll be able to "pin up to two games in Quick Resume." That means those games will always be left in a suspended state if you exit out of them in favor of another app so that you can quickly hop back in. It sounds like a useful feature for those who have one or two standby games they always play but still want to try out other releases or Xbox Game Pass games.

Remapping the Share button is a pretty self-explanatory feature and was discussed previously whenever the option to do so released as part of the Xbox Insider updates. If you find yourself not using the Share button often to record gameplay and other moments, you can simply use the Xbox Accessories app to remap the button to different inputs. A full list of compatible inputs can be found within that app, but Xbox gave a quick list of some of the functions you can assign it.

"The updated Xbox Accessories app unlocks new button remapping actions for Xbox accessories, including Share button remapping for other actions like mute TV, open friends list, open achievements, and many others," the Xbox update post said. "The ability to redefine your controller actions also provides a way to easily enable assistive technologies for gamers with disabilities. Elite Series 2 Controllers, Xbox Adaptive Controllers, and other devices have some new actions as well."

Xbox's latest update for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles should be rolling out now for console owners to download.