Xbox Update Adds Useful Controller Remapping Feature

Microsoft released an update this week for those within the Alpha ring of the Xbox Update Preview program which adds a pretty useful controller remapping feature. This update allows those using the Xbox Accessories App to remap different commands for Xbox accessories which is useful itself, but perhaps most useful of all is the option to remap the Xbox Wireless Controller's "Share" button on the Xbox Series X|S. By doing so, you can reconfigure that button to a number of different helpful commands other than just sharing your content.

For those who are in the Alpha ring, you can go ahead and test this feature out now as the update itself is out. If you've remapped controls before, it's a pretty self-explanatory process. The Share button on wireless controllers will now be remappable with commands such as the ability to mute the TV listed as some of the benefits of this change within the patch notes for the latest Xbox Insider update.

"The updated Xbox Accessories App on your console unlocks new button remapping Actions for Xbox Accessories, including Share button remapping on the Xbox Wireless Controller for Series S|X," the notes for the update said. "If you don't share, or don't like sharing, you'll be able to remap the Share button to other Actions such as Mute TV, Open Friends List, Open Achievements, and many other options. You can see the full list of Actions within the Accessories App."

While remapping any button is a helpful option to have, remapping the Share button is an option that'll be particularly useful for those who really don't have much use for it. Outside of taking screenshots or recording clips to show off later, the Share button probably goes largely unused by those who aren't often uploading media to whatever social media accounts they have connected. Or even if you do use it for that purpose, the times that happen could be few and far between compared to how often you may need to mute the TV or do something else.

As is the case with any of these updates, this feature will be tested first in the Xbox Insider program before rolling out as a live update for everyone else.