New Xbox One Update Improves Wi-Fi on Certain Consoles


A new update is now out for the Xbox One's operating system that included a couple of changes with Wi-Fi improvements for the Xbox One S and Xbox One X being one of the most notable differences.

The OS update tackled several different problems ranging from those that occurred in the Xbox Store to ones involving player profiles, parties, and audio bugfixes. No major changes are included in this update, especially compared to other updates that came during the fall of last year, but the Wi-Fi changes are something to look forward to if you're choosing not to use an ethernet cable or simply can't use one conveniently. However, it's important to note that the patch notes detailing all the changes in the latest Xbox One update specify that only the Xbox One S and Xbox One X will benefit from these Wi-Fi updates.

If you've got the "Instant On" feature enabled on your Xbox One, you'll have already downloaded and installed the update by now if you've been playing at all since it was released on Jan. 22. If not, you'll have to manually look for the build on your console's "update" section to download the newest update. The full patch notes can be seen below that detail everything new with the latest Xbox One update, but you can also look ahead to the Xbox One's Alpha Preview to see what's coming in the future.


  • Resolved an issue that sometimes prevented users from pressing B to go back when navigating the Store.

Privacy & online safety

  • Resolved an issue that caused child accounts with family restrictions to retain the restrictions after graduating to an adult account.

Party chat

  • Resolved an issue that caused some users to lose party chat audio and voice quality fixes.


  • AVRs with HDMI-passthrough should no longer break Dolby Atmos for home theater if the TV and console are turned on before the AVR.


  • Wi-Fi firmware updates for the Xbox One S and Xbox One X improves wireless performance and reliability.
  • Resolved an issue that omitted certain wireless networks when scanning for available wireless networks.
  • Resolved an issue that sometimes caused unexpected network disconnections when using a wireless connection.