The Xbox One X's Power Didn't Help in Japan

The Xbox One X boasts a powerful console experience, but it still didn’t allow the console to [...]

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The Xbox One X boasts a powerful console experience, but it still didn't allow the console to perform well in Japan compared to other platforms.

Media Create's latest account of weekly console and software sales revealed just how many Xbox One X units were sold in Japan during the week of the console's launch. The Xbox One X put up a number of just 1,344 consoles sold from Nov. 6 – Nov. 12. Below is the full list of hardware sales from Media Create (via Gematsu and Dualshockers) that shows the new Xbox's number alongside previous sales numbers for other consoles in Japan to give an idea of how the Xbox One X stacked up against its competition, the second number being the previous week's total.

  1. Switch – 79,958 (64,387)
  2. PlayStation 4 – 20,021 (21,830)
  3. New 2DS LL – 10,323 (11,116)
  4. New 3DS LL – 7,296 (7,914)
  5. PlayStation 4 Pro – 6,037 (6,993)
  6. PlayStation Vita – 3,210 (3,576)
  7. 2DS – 1,484 (1,539)
  8. Xbox One X – 1,344 (New)
  9. New 3DS – 266 (287)
  10. Xbox One – 121 (114)
  11. PlayStation 3 – 41 (56)
  12. Wii U – 36 (38)

Even though the Xbox One X didn't sell hardly any consoles in Japan compared to how the console performed in other areas like the UK, it looks like it may be more due to a stock issue as opposed to a lack of purchasing. Preorders for the console sold out in Japan, but judging from Media Create's tally of consoles that were actually sold, there weren't that many units available. The quantity appears to have been limited, but that still points towards the larger factor of the Xbox's small presence among Japanese gamers compared to other consoles like the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Media Create's figures above speak to that point with the Switch dominating every other platform by a wide margin.

However, Microsoft has been working to introduce more Japanese games to the consoles. Executives have visited Japan more than once to presumably conduct meetings related to Japanese Xbox games, but the developers behind those titles aren't 100 percent convinced on Xbox's dedication to the project just yet.