The Xbox One X Has Made This Kinect Accessory Surge in Sales

The launch of the Xbox One X brought 4K resolutions and immense updates both in terms of size and [...]

Xbox One X Kinect

The launch of the Xbox One X brought 4K resolutions and immense updates both in terms of size and quality, but it also caused the Xbox Kinect adapter accessory to quickly climb in popularity.

For Xbox One owners who were happily using the Kinect with their base console and only recently upgraded to the Xbox One X, you might not have even known you'd need an adapter. With the release of the Xbox One S, the adapter was necessary for using the Kinect, but purchasing the upgraded console would come with a free adapter to continue using the Kinect.

The free adapter program was discontinued with the release of the Xbox One X, but Microsoft did make it known leading up to the launch that there wouldn't be an adapter included with the most recent console. Xbox's Aaron Greenberg tweeted a response to a user's question about the Xbox Kinect adapter and said that the program wouldn't continue, but it many Xbox One X buyers didn't catch the news.

Since the console was released, the Xbox Kinect adapter has climbed the ranks through certain retailers such as Amazon. First noticed by On MSFT, the Xbox Kinect adapter jumped up to a spot in the top 100 list of Amazon's Video Games category above games like Star Wars Battlefront II and consoles. It previously went as high as the No. 34 spot within the Video Games Accessories list, but it's now dropped down to No. 50 as of the time that this was written.

If you don't have a Kinect adapter to use with your Xbox One X, it's not exactly cheap to get one now, either. It runs for $70 on Amazon, but some Xbox owners are reporting that they've found it for less at their local retailers such as GameStop. Going from being able to talk to your Xbox and issue voice commands to dead silence is compelling long-time Xbox owners to seek out the Xbox Kinect adapter.

The Kinect itself was discontinued just last month when it was announced that Microsoft would no longer be manufacturing the Kinect, but you should still be able to find the adapter if you're up for a search and spending a bit more than its original price.