2K Giving Away Free Borderlands-Themed Xbox Series X

The United Kingdom division of 2K Games is giving away an exclusive Xbox Series X console modeled after the Borderlands character CL4P-TP. Designed by @XboxPope, one lucky winner will be able to receive the console. Full details regarding the sweepstakes have not yet been revealed, but it's scheduled to begin on November 9th, so fans should have a better idea of how to win the system in the very near future! Both the system and its controller feature colors and imagery that evoke the character, so this could be a very big deal for diehard fans of the Borderlands franchise.

Images of the console can be found in the Tweet below!

The Xbox Series X is set to release on November 10th, but this contest could prove to be a much more appealing way of picking up the system, as opposed to spending the $499 asking price. Of course, the exclusive nature of the console will also play a big part in its appeal. There's something to be said for owning a custom system that no one else in the world will have!

For those unfamiliar with @XboxPope, the designer is known for making custom console mock-ups. Earlier this year, @XboxPope created a design of the Xbox Series X based on Halo Infinite. Usually, these mock-ups are just fun, unofficial designs that fans can merely dream about. This time around, one lucky fan will have the opportunity to own their own unique design from @XboxPope.


Despite his name, @XboxPope is known for creating console mock-ups for systems outside of the Xbox family, as well. Given the following the designer has on social media, it's nice to see one of their creations actually see the light of day, even if it is in a limited capacity. The sweepstakes from 2K certainly gives hope that more of the designer's works could similarly be produced, perhaps in a wider capacity than this one. For now, fans will just have to try their best to win this Xbox Series X!

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