Xbox Series X Box Art Revealed

A plethora of information about the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S has been revealed over the last couple of days, and it seems that a first look at the box art for the former has now leaked online! The image was posted by the @XboxNewsReddit Twitter account, and it can be viewed in the Tweet below. The front of the box shows the system at an angle, with the top of the system getting much of the focus. Meanwhile, the side of the box features a full shot of the system, along with its controller. It's a pretty sleek looking package, and one fans should expect to see on store shelves in just a few short months!

One of the most notable things about the box is just how big it seems! Images of the Xbox Series X have given the impression that it will be a pretty big console, particularly compared to the Xbox Series S. Of course, that makes a bit of sense, since the Xbox Series X will be a bit more powerful, and will offer a disc drive. Microsoft has released full specs for the two consoles which can be found right here.

The Xbox Series X box art is just the latest leak for Microsoft. On Monday night, the existence of the Xbox Series S appeared online ahead of an official announcement from the company. While rumors surrounding the system had been swirling for quite some time, this marked the first time the Xbox Series S had actually been seen by fans. A few hours later, Microsoft decided to pull back the curtain on the system. Once again, it seems that Microsoft has been beaten to the punch, so it will be interesting to see if an official image of the box is shown by Microsoft following this reveal, as well!

The Xbox Series X is set to release on November 10th, and will retail for $499. The Xbox Series S will release that same day for $299. As of this writing, box art for the Xbox Series S has not been revealed.

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