Xbox Series X Reportedly Getting Popular PS4 Feature Before PS5

The Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X are reportedly getting a new feature that will be familiar to anyone who owns a PS4, but not a PS5. Microsoft has slowly but surely been improving both the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X through regular updates that usually come with a new feature or two alongside a variety of improvements. To this end, it looks like a new feature in the works for the pair of Xbox consoles has leaked early. 

On PS4, PlayStation users have the option of dynamic backgrounds that they can customize. Not only are there 1000s of static and dynamic "themes" to choose from, but users can make their own backgrounds using in-game screenshots. All of this was a very popular aspect of the PS4, as it let users customize the home screen of the PS4 with a slick design, a special theme from their favorite game, or their own Red Dead Redemption 2 screenshot. Unfortunately, this feature does not exist on PS5 and it doesn't exist on Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X either. On the pair of Xbox consoles, users are limited to in-game screenshots or a very select few static and dynamic backgrounds. It looks like this is changing though. 

Over on Twitter, Aggiornamenti Lumia relayed word that Microsoft is working on an Xbox app that will allow users to customize the background of their console. It's unclear how robust this feature is going to be and whether it will be accompanied by more general UI customization -- like the ability to make App boxes smaller and/or transparent on the home screen -- but it's an improvement.

As always, take this unofficial information with a grain of salt. Meanwhile, if Xbox provides any type of comment or provides its own information about any of this, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. 

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