Xbox Series X Restock Surprise Catches Customers Off Guard

A new round of Xbox Series X restock has caught customers off guard, though judging by Twitter, [...]

A new round of Xbox Series X restock has caught customers off guard, though judging by Twitter, many Xbox customers were able to secure an order, unlike many PS5 customers this morning. Last night, or more specifically, late last night, the Microsoft Store released new Xbox Series X restock, catching Xbox fans still hunting for the console off guard. Not only was the drop way later than usual, but there was no warning ahead of time from Microsoft.

That said, because the drop was so late and so unexpected, it stuck around for a lot longer than most restocks, which explains why so many were able to get their hand on an order for the console after previous failed attempts.

As of January 26, the Xbox Series X is far easier to get than the PS5. While PS5 restocks are happening more often, demand for the PS5 console is seemingly much higher, because it continues to sell out far more quickly than Xbox Series X restocks.

Following up last night's unexpected drop, Costco also released new Xbox Series X restock this morning. However, while it stuck around for a little bit, it went far quicker than the Microsoft Store stock.

Right now, there's no word of additional Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S restocks for today, but right now, more surprise drops are certainly a possibility. That said, if there are any more surprise drops, we will be sure to update you about said restock as soon as possible. Unfortunately, in this case, both the Microsoft Store and Costco are sold out, and right now, it doesn't look like there will be additional waves of resupply.

Xbox Series X is available worldwide for $500 if you can find one. For more coverage on the console -- including all of the latest news, rumors, leaks, and deals -- click here or check out some of the relevant links below: