Xbox Series X|S Set Huge Records for Microsoft

The Xbox Series X|S are two of the most popular pieces of gaming hardware on the market right now and it's paying dividends for Microsoft. In 2020, Xbox released two new consoles that took the platform to the "next generation" of hardware. The Xbox Series X was the biggest, most powerful console and is the most premium console for Xbox gamers. The Xbox Series S is a significantly cheaper, all-digital console that is aimed at more casual gamers or possibly those who are struggling to get their hands on an Xbox Series X. With that said, Xbox is finding a ton of success with all of its options on the market.

As reported by IGN, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella reaffirmed during an earnings call that the Xbox Series X and S are the fastest selling Xbox consoles in the history of the company. The executive noted that the Xbox Series X and S have "sold more consoles life-to-date than any previous generation of Xbox." While it obviously hasn't outsold the Xbox One or Xbox 360, the two consoles are selling faster than those two were in the same period of time. If that wasn't interesting enough on its own, Nadella also noted that Xbox has been the next-gen console market leader for the last three quarters, meaning it has been outselling the PS5 since the start of 2022. 

Given there's an immense shortage of consoles right now, this goes to show that there is an incredibly high demand for these new Xbox consoles and they're flying off the shelves at an exorbitant rate. Usually, console sales slow down at least a little bit after the first few months, as the newness of the technology begins to wear off and the hardware becomes the norm, but that's not really the case for these new Xbox consoles. Whether it will be able to sustain this momentum remains to be seen, but with big exclusives like Starfield on the way, Xbox will have a major presence this generation.

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