Xbox Series X Now Has Its Own Twitter Emoji

The Xbox Series X is set to release in just under a month, and Microsoft is starting to ramp up hype for the console. As part of this process, the company debuted an all-new emoji on Twitter, which accompanies the use of #XboxSeriesX on Twitter. Upon sending a Tweet using that hashtag, users will discover an emoji of the Xbox Series X console, with a classic Xbox green coloration behind it. That isn't the only hashtag that works, however; #Xbox, #PowerYourDreams, #PYD, #SeriesX, and #JumpIn all produce similar results. It's a neat little effect, and one that will distinguish Tweets discussing the new system. An image of the emoji can be seen by clicking on the Tweets embedded below.

Of course, Xbox isn't the only next-gen console that has its own emoji. The PS5 has had its own emoji for a while now, but Sony's hashtag results in an image of the DualSense, rather than the console itself. It's a bit surprising that Sony opted for the controller, rather than the console, given how distinctive looking the two next-gen systems are. The PS5 and the Xbox Series X are easily two of the most unique looking consoles that have been released over the last few generations. Having emojis of both consoles would have made for a nice contrast when talking about the two on Twitter.

It will be interesting to see how the Xbox Series X and PS5 stack up against one another when they release next month. PlayStation has long been the market leader, and analysts are predicting the PS5 to be a massive success for the company. However, Microsoft has made it easier than ever to pick-up a console through Xbox All Access. For $35 a month for two years, subscribers get an Xbox Series X with Game Pass Ultimate, with no money down. For many gamers, that figure will be far more appealing than spending $500 all at once. It will also give players access to more than 100 games, including Xbox Game Studios titles on their release day. That could win over a lot of potential players!

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