Xbox Series X Game Second Extinction Gets 11 Minutes of New Gameplay Footage

Systemic Reaction, the creators of the new multiplayer dino-blasting game Second Extinction, [...]

Systemic Reaction, the creators of the new multiplayer dino-blasting game Second Extinction, shared around 11 minutes of gameplay from the upcoming game this week as part of IGN's Summer of Gaming event. Featuring commentary from Brynley Gibson, the lead producer at Systemic Reaction, we were able to see what types of mutated dinosaurs players would find during their missions and what types of human characters and loadouts they'd be able to use against these invading threats. The gameplay preview is the best look at the game we've gotten since it was originally announced as part of the last Xbox Series X event.

For those who missed the initial announcement, Second Extinction is a 3-player game where the world's been ravaged by mutated dinosaurs, an event that forced humanity to abandon their settlements and flee. Years have passed now and people are returning to clear out the mutated dinosaurs by embarking on different missions with unique loadouts and abilities.

The gameplay preview of Second Extinction showed many of the different types of dinosaurs players will go up against. Many of them will look somewhat familiar as raptors or other well-known species, but they look a bit different given that they've been mutated. Some of them can spit acid, others are bristling with energy and can apparently blink from one location to another, and there are likely many more we haven't seen yet. When asked if there would be any herbivore creatures for players to find or ones that aren't the typical style of aggressors seen throughout the gameplay, Gibson said there'd be all kinds of dinosaurs in Second Extinction.

As for the players themselves, people will be able to pick from different classes that Gibson said will be easily recognizable as things like support units or heavy classes. Players can choose their loadouts to customize their characters, and while there won't be storybuilding elements showcased through cutscenes or things like that, the hope is that characters' stories are shaped by their unique abilities. After choosing their class and gear, players are able to pick an insertion point and go from there to see whether they'll be starting with valuable loot or an immediate firefight before embarking on their mission. Matches end when players complete their missions and get extracted from the map.

A release date for Second Extinction wasn't announced in the gameplay preview, but Gibson said we'd hear more about that soon. Signups for the game's beta are still live, so if you want to try it before its release, that'd be the place to do it.

Second Extinction is scheduled for a release on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC platforms.