Xbox Series X Surprises Players With Official Box Art Change

It appears that Microsoft will be making some changes to the box art for Xbox Series X games [...]

It appears that Microsoft will be making some changes to the box art for Xbox Series X games starting in the very near future! Following yesterday's Xbox/Bethesda E3 2021 presentation, a number of retailers have new listings for Xbox games, and they have been accompanied by new box art. The green coloration is sticking around, but some subtle changes are present, making it clearer which consoles the game will be playable on. The current box art has that information in a black box at the top of the insert, but the new case features a taller insert with a big white box that lists compatible consoles.

Images of the new box art were shared on Twitter by @XboxNews. The Tweet below includes three examples of the new box art alongside an image of the current design.

The change isn't a massive one, but it should make the game cases look a bit more distinctive. Some fans might be a bit disheartened, as it will mean the case art won't lie up perfectly on a shelf with existing titles; you can see in the image above that the insert is now taller, reaching up nearly to the top of the case. It's a minor gripe, but one that might irk some collectors of physical games.

In the next-gen era, it could be easy for some casual fans to get confused about which titles are compatible with which systems. For Xbox Series X exclusives like Microsoft Flight Simulator, the large white box should make it clearer that the title isn't playable on Xbox One. The change also provides more space for the actual box art to shine, too. Overall, it feels like a cleaner look, to be sure! It remains to be seen whether or not fans will embrace the change, but there are some definite positives to the switch, and it's easy to see why Microsoft is heading in this direction.

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