XCOM: Chimera Squad is Seemingly Heading to PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox

The most recent entry in the long-running strategy series XCOM is that of Chimera Squad, which [...]

The most recent entry in the long-running strategy series XCOM is that of Chimera Squad, which launched last year. Although the game wasn't a mainline installment in the franchise, it introduced a number of new ideas, systems, and mechanics that hadn't been seen before. Despite previously only being available on PC, however, it looks like Chimera Squad is soon going to be landing on consoles.

Based on a new listing found on the PEGI website, which is the entity that rates games in Europe, XCOM: Chimera Squad is slated to soon release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The listing doesn't go on to say much more than that, but it does mention that the game was set to release on March 26th. Considering this date has come and gone already and Chimera Squad still isn't on any of these platforms, however, it's clearly not all that accurate.

That being said, there's a fair chance that XCOM: Chimera Squad does end up coming to consoles based on this listing. Even though the aforementioned release date found on the webpage was incorrect, leaks like this from rating's website tend to be accurate more often than not.

In addition, the most recent installments in the XCOM series outside of Chimera Squad have also appeared on console platforms over the years. As such, the fact that Chimera Squad was exclusive to PC in the first place was always a bit surprising. So with all of this taken into account, it does seem pretty likely that the game should be heading to these new pieces of hardware. For now, though, we'll just have to wait until 2K Games makes such an announcement official.

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