xQc Updates Fans After Unexpected Twitch Break

Felix "xQc" Lengyel is one of the biggest Twitch streamers in the world, and he's been on a hiatus the past few days, but it sounds like it's not been a planned break. The last three days xQc hasn't streamed at all, which is strange. xQc is one of the most consistent streamers out there, which is part of the reason -- albeit a small part -- why he's so popular. The fact he's been MIA for the past three days can only mean one thing: he's taking a break, except he isn't, or at least not a planned break.

Taking to Twitter, xQc apologized to his Twitch viewers for the hiatus, nothing that "everything is in disarray" and that he won't stream again until he can produce "good streams again." Why is everything in disarray? Well, xQc doesn't specify in the tweets below, but it's because he recently relocated homes. As you may know, xQc moved due to being uncomfortable and fearful in his old home due to being swatted almost daily.

"Everything is in disarray, I can go live but I don't want to stream until I can make 'good' streams again," said xQc over on Twitter. Gonna need a little more time. Unpredictables keep stacking up. Sorry."

Unfortunately, for fans of xQc, there's no exact word when the streamer will be back to business as usual. It sounds like it won't be much longer than it already has been, but for now, this is just speculation.

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