XSEED Confirms Zwei: The Arges Adventure Coming This Winter

(Photo: XSEED/Nihon Falcom)

Today, publisher XSEED confirmed that it’s bringing yet another classic action RPG stateside. Zwei: The Arges Adventure, originally published in 2001 by Nihon Falcom, is headed our way this Winter on PC via Steam, the Humble Store, and GOG. The series itself has already come west in the past: Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection was released this past October, and is actually the second installment in the series. This coming month’s release will introduce players to the moment where it all began, with twins Pokkle and Pipiro in the lead.

The game follows the twins as they embark on the adventures of classic anti-heroes -- saving the day for the cash and fame “(in that order)” according to the Steam store description. Apparently, that doesn’t go well for the would-be hero siblings.

An action-oriented 2D dungeon crawler with new-age design, Zwei: The Arges Adventure also comes with “oodles of optional content and unlockables” and promises “fast and chaotic combat” for the player who just can’t get enough. With two characters (and one pet) in their hands, players can use either Pokko’s melee style or Pipiro’s myriad attacks to take out enemies in between solving puzzles and scouring for sweet loot.

The leveling system is both unique and familiar -- based on food that the characters collect, the player can either use the food to immediately level up, or hoard it in order to exchange it for higher-level food later.


Beyond that, though, the game’s writing is packed with tongue-and-cheek humor, and promises the high-grade narratives that fans have come to expect from XSEED’s translation and writing teams.

Zwei: The Arges Adventure has no official release date yet, but stay tuned for more news this Winter.