YouTube for Xbox One Updated to Include 4K Support


Xbox One owners who frequently browse YouTube videos through their consoles can now enjoy the montages and tutorials in 4K quality thanks to an update for the app.

It definitely took a while for the app to receive 4K support on the Xbox One, but what matters is that it’s here now. Since the release of the Xbox One S, Xbox owners have questioned when the app would be upgraded to support the buzz around 4K, though it certainly took quite a while for the change to be made. The Xbox One S launched with 4K Blue-ray support last year, but now that the YouTube app has been updated, it brings the Xbox one step closer to having a fully-rounded 4K experience throughout many different apps, games, and movies.

The app update appears to be rolling out now for both the Xbox One X and the Xbox One X as well. Of course, this might mean little to you if you don’t have a display that will be able to take advantage of the update, but know that if you’re planning on getting a 4K TV, YouTube will be there waiting for you.

As far as the specifics go, the newly-updated YouTube app supports 4K videos and will be able to play them back to viewers at 60 fps, but it doesn’t appear as though there’s any support for HDR content at the moment.


Judging from the reviews so far for the latest YouTube update, it appears that most Xbox owners who have tried out the new app so far were pleasantly surprised with the update. The 4K support coming now as opposed to any other time appears to have caught some off guard, but plenty of reviews are praising the update that now brings the app up to speed with other Xbox programs.

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