'Z1 Battle Royale' Handed Back to Daybreak Games

Z1 Battle Royale Daybreak Games

Anyone following the H1Z1 saga as it has unfolded over the past couple of years knows that it has been quite the journey. First, the game split into two separate titles, one of which was killed off last year. The other continued to carry a torch in the battle royale scene, but with the likes of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite arriving, it was difficult to compete. This led to another developer taking charge and changing the name to Z1 Battle Royale. However, just one month after the name change, NantG Mobile has given the title back to Daybreak Games because there are "many challenges" ahead.

"Despite the team’s determination and commitment to revive Z1BR’s player base with our recent Season 3 launch update, we soon realized that the road is still paved with many challenges that preclude us from long-term success, including the confusion it caused by having both NantG Mobile and Daybreak managing the same game under two separate brands," NantG said in a post on Steam.

They then went on to say that because of this, they will be returning to their primary focus of developing mobile games. "We have also decided to hand back the Z1BR torch to Daybreak Games, so that both Z1BR and H1Z1 will be under one publishing umbrella once again," they said. "Daybreak Games has agreed to keep the servers up for players and continue live maintenance on the game."

This definitely puts the future of the game in somewhat of a predicament. Will there be another name change coming, or will Daybreak Games keep Z1 Battle Royale as is? For those who don't know about the troubled title:

"Z1 Battle Royale is a Free to Play, fast-paced, action arcade, competitive Battle Royale. Staying true to its "King of the Kill" roots, the game has been revamped and restored to the classic feel, look, and gameplay everyone fell in love with. Play solo, duos, or fives and be the last ones standing."

What do you think about all of this? Will Z1 Battle Royale ever get back to what its former self was? Sound off in the comment section below, or feel free to hit me up over on Twitter @anarkE7!



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