Zen Studios Expanding Pinball FX3 With Williams Bally Arcade Tables

UPDATE: If you have Steam, you can actually take these new tables for a test drive at no charge. Check out Zen Studios' blog for more details!

ORIGINAL STORY: Ever since their deal with The Pinball Arcade came to a close earlier this summer, some pinball fans were wondering where the Williams/Bally pinball tables were going. Well, now we know.

Zen Studios has announced that it is expanding its Pinball FX3 table collection with selections from the Williams and Bally pinball library, as it has attained the digital rights to the complete library from both companies. It's already lining up the first table pack for the game, which will include favorites like Fish Tales, JunkYard, Medieval Madness and High Speed II: The Getaway, all of which are expected no later than the end of the year. They will be released across the board for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

More tables are expected to arrive in 2019, taking full advantage of Pinball FX3's online features, including tournaments and more. They will no doubt add to a selection that includes a number of favorites, including the Jurassic World tables, as well as various Marvel and Star Wars tables, Solo: A Star Wars Story pack that will debut next week.

"Most of our developers grew up admiring Williams and Bally pinball machines, and we at Zen are devoted to treating these beloved tables with the respect they deserve for years to come in digital form," said Zsolt Kigyossy, Zen Studios' Managing Director. "We have a grand vision for what we can add to these amazing tables on gaming and mobile devices. We are dedicated to providing an amazing experience and new challenges for all players around the world!"

Pinball FX2

"The classic Williams and Bally tables have always been the reference in designing and creating pinball tables. Having the opportunity to work with these is a dream come true," said Peter Grafl, Pinball Designer at Zen Studios.

We'll actually be posting an exclusive interview with this team later on today, talking about their collaboration, as well as what to expect in the future for Pinball FX3. But this is good news for "pinheads" that can't get enough of their favorite activity. Now...who can beat my high score?!


Pinball FX3 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.