Coronavirus Pandemic Shuts Down All Hot Topic Locations

The latest retailer to shut down as a precaution against the coronavirus pandemic is Hot Topic, who have announced that they will be closing the doors on all Hot Topic and BoxLunch retail locations starting today, March 17th through March 30th. They note that all store employees will continue to be paid during this time.

The news comes amidst a chaotic and increasingly surreal time where entire countries are stuck in limbo in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. Everything from restaurants to Disney Parks are closing their doors. Even Amazon, who has seen a massive increase in sales as people hunker down and distance themselves from the outside world, has been forced to dramatically change how they do business.

As for Hot Topic, the news isn't all bad for customers. Their online business appear to be functioning normally for the time being. In fact, today is the last day to use your Hot Cash and BoxLunch money if you've got some to spend. However, if you want your exclusive Funko Pops and awesome anime shoes, you'll need to grab them from the comfort of your own home.


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