Here's Where to Get Funko's ECCC 2020 and Virtual Con Pop Figures


Emerald City Comic Con 2020 has been postponed until the summer over coronavirus concerns, but Funko's show will go on! They've announced their first ever Virtual Con where all Pop figure exclusives that would have been sold at the show will be available online here at the Funko Shop starting at 10am EST (7am PST) on March 13th. This includes convention exclusives and con-only shared exclusives (which differ from the retail shared exclusives featured below only because of the sticker on the box). Your chances of scoring one of those is slim, but the good news is that retailer versions of the shared exclusive Pop figures will go on as planned. Get ready, because the party (mostly) begins tonight March 12 -13 after midnight EST (9pm PST). Here's what you need to know...

A complete breakdown of the ECCC 2020 / Virtual Con Funko Pop figures can be found below along with links where they can be ordered and exact release times if they have been confirmed. The list will update with new links and information as it becomes available (some retailers will surprise launch their Pop figures today, March 12th, so make sure to check in for the updates). If convention exclusives or retailer exclusives sell out, you'll be able to find what you need here on eBay.

Funko ECCC 2020 Convention Exclusives: Order here at Funko Shop starting at 10am EST (7am PST) March 13th:

  • Indiana Jones Adventure: Indiana Jones (Metallic / 10-inch)
  • Grand Budapest Hotel: Zero and Gustave (2-Pack)
  • Pop Pins Avengers Infinity War Thanos
  • Pop Pins ECCC Crusaders 2-Pack GITD

FunkoShop Shared Exclusives: Order here at Funko Shop starting at 10am EST (7am PST) March 13th:

  • Freddy Funko: Freddy Funko with Funko HQ
  • X-Men: Toad
  • Speed Racer: Speed Racer
  • Ad Icons Pez Boy (Fireman)
  • The Flintstones: The Great Gazoo (GITD)
  • College Mascots: Harry the Husky (Flocked)
  • Trolls: Green Troll
  • Pop Soda: Batman (Green)
  • Pop Soda: Batman (Pink / Chase)
  • Pop Soda Huckleberry Hound (Green)
  • Pop Soda: Huckleberry Hound (Purple / Chase)
  • Pop Soda: Scott Pilgrim
  • Pop Soda: Scott Pilgrim (Green Shirt / Chase)
  • Pop Soda: Ramona Flowers (Pink Hair With Goggles)
  • Pop Soda: Ramona Flowers (Green Hair / Chase)
  • Funkoverse Golden Girls 2-Pack Expandalone
  • Funkoverse Jurassic Park 4-Pack
  • Funkoverse Jurassic Park 2-Pack Expandalone
  • Funkoverse Aggretsuko Expansion

Amazon Shared Exclusives: (LIVE NOW) Order via the links below.

Walmart Shared Exclusives: (LIVE NOW) Order via the links below.

Entertainment Earth Shared Exclusive: Order Here (Confirmed for 12pm EST / 9am PST on 3/13):

  • Starship Troopers Tanker Bug (6-inch)

GameStop Shared Exclusives: (LIVE NOW) Order via the links below.

Hot Topic Shared Exclusives: (LIVE NOW) Order via the links below.


BoxLunch Shared Exclusives: (LIVE NOW) Order via the link below.

Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million Shared Exclusives: Order via the links below (LIVE NOW)

Walgreens Shared Exclusives: Order Here (Release time unknown)

  • X-Men: Gambit

FYE Shared Exclusives: (LIVE NOW) Order Here.

  • Dragon Ball Z: Piccolo (Chrome Green)
  • Masters of the UniverseL Tri-Klops

Target Shared Exclusives: Order Here (LIVE NOW). Individual links can be found below.

ReedPop Booth Shared Exclusives:

  • ECCC Crusaderette and T-Shirt
  • ECCC Crusaders 2-Pack Pins

Funko HQ Shared Exclusives (Everett Store):

  • Myths Loch Ness Monster (GITD)

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