The Colossal Nerf Elite Titan CS-50 Minigun is Available to Pre-Order


First announced back at Toy Fair in February, the Nerf Elite Titan CS-50 is finally ready to become the ultimate weapon in your Nerf arsenal. It's a fully motorized, rotating barrel minigun that comes with a monster 50-dart drum that appears to be the largest that Nerf has ever produced.

We think it's safe to say that the Nerf Elite Titan CS-50 is going to be the hot ticket Nerf blaster for the holidays, so the earlier you lock one down the better. At the time of writing, pre-orders are live here on Amazon and here on Entertainment Earth for $99.99 with free shipping slated for October and November respectively (make sure to stock up on D batteries). However, the CS-50 isn't the only flashy new Nerf blaster hitting the market this fall...


Like other Nerf Rival blasters, the new Nerf Rival Perses MXIX-5000 blaster fires 8 rounds per second - but in a much lighter and more compact form than its predecessors. The hopper can hold 50 rounds, which makes it ideal for close quarters combat and even dual wielding.

Pre-orders for the Nerf Rival Perses MXIX-5000 are available here for $99.99 in both blue and red with free shipping slated for September and October respectively. Again, these are going to be harder to find as we get closer to the holidays, so reserve them while you have the chance. The official descriptions for the Elite Titan CS-50 and Perses blasters are available below.

"Take on targets with the power and size of a giant with Nerf Elite Titan CS-50 toy blaster! This colossal blaster is fully motorized for rapid-fire dart-blasting and boasts a huge 50-dart drum to unleash a massive, 50-dart storm. It includes 50 Official Nerf Elite darts, enough to fully load the drum. Power up the motor and pull the trigger to pepper the playing field with a deluge of darts. The barrel spins as the blaster unleashes its darts to send opponents running for cover. Use the included shoulder strap to carry blaster into battle. The blaster is compatible with most Nerf Elite dart clips. Batteries required (not included). Clip and additional darts not included."


"Experience the intensity of fully motorized, 50-round blasting with the Nerf Rival Perses MXIX-5000 blaster. This blaster features the fastest blasting Nerf Rival system, so rev up the motor and rapid-fire up to 8 rounds per second* to blanket the competition with a hailstorm of firepower! It includes a 9.6 volt 1200mAH rechargeable battery and wall charger, so there’s no need to stock up on batteries. The Perses MXIX-5000 toy blaster comes with 50 Official Nerf Rival high-impact rounds, enough to fully load the blaster’s high-capacity, easy-load hopper. Hold down the acceleration button to power up the motor then pull the trigger to fire. The trigger lock prevents accidental firing."

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