New Pac-Man Monopoly Includes a Playable Mini Arcade Cabinet


Hasbro has been all about adding fun electronic features to their Monopoly variants in recent years, and the new Arcade Pac-Man edition follows the trend - and takes it a step or two further. Players can play mini games of Pac-Man on the included arcade unit which also functions as a bank that keeps track of points (replaces money in this edition). You can even use it to buy, sell, or steal Levels.

In Monopoly Arcade Pac-Man, players must race around the board to buy Levels and earn points - all while avoiding the dreaded Ghost. Each time a player passes or lands on "Go" they have the opportunity to play a mini game of Pac-Man to earn extra points. The banking and arcade unit keeps track of everything so you don't have to. All you need to do is insert your plastic arcade coin into the arcade unit to perform actions. The Monopoly Arcade Pac-Man Board Game is live here on Amazon for $29.99. It's in stock and shipping now.

Monopoly Super Mario Celebration Edition_ Packaging and Game

On a related note, Nintendo's iconic Super Mario Bros. franchise celebrates its 35th anniversary in September, and it looks like LEGO will be the life of the party thanks to their Super Mario Bros. and Nintendo Entertainment System sets. However, Hasbro has the tabletop games covered with Monopoly Super Mario Celebration Edition and a Super Mario-themed version of Jenga.

The Super Mario Celebration edition of Monopoly is all about buying, selling, and trading locations from iconic Super Mario games that range from 1985 to the present day (Toad houses and Princess Peach's castles replace houses and hotels). Like many of the new special edition Monopoly games, it will also feature an electronic component in the form of a Question Block with sound effects "that can change a player's luck" (as you'll see in the gallery below, it's featured on the box but not in the other early promotional images).

As for the Jenga: Super Mario Edition game, players will be racing up the tower as Mario, Luigi, Peach, or Toad to defeat Bowser at the top. Each character has a corresponding card that players can refer to to throughout the game. Players earn points by collecting coins as they stack, steal, and climb. If the tower falls on a player's turn, they'll lose coins and their chance to be the hero. From the official description:

"Spin the spinner to find out the next move: How many layers to climb, how many blocks to remove and stack, whether to collect coins, or whether the game will reverse directions. It's a battle to the top as players move their own pegs up and their opponents' pegs down, all while trying not to make the tower crash."

Monopoly Super Mario Bros Celebration Edition is available on Amazon now for $29.97. Super Mario Jenga is also available on Amazon for $19.99.


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