'X-Files' Season 11 Premiere Included Backwards Coded Message to Fans

The X-Files has never shied away from incorporating mysterious plot points in its tales of supernatural investigations, with the Season 11 premiere featuring plenty of shocking twists and turns. The episode may have featured one of the most surprising secrets yet, as it broke the fourth wall and delivered a coded message to fans.

The final shot of the episode featured a character with distorted audio overlaid, which fan Jordin Goff seemed to immediately recognize as a voice played backward. Goff took the audio, applied some audio effects to it and made the shocking discovery that it was audio aimed directly at viewers. Listen to the audio in the video below:

The message reads, "If this is the end, it’s been a wild, wild adventure with some of the finest people I know, and the greatest fans that we could’ve hoped for. Here’s to you. The truth is out there, 2018."

This wasn't the only message directed at fans, as the opening credits sequence featured a slight tweak to the show's signature motto.

The credit sequence has remained almost unchanged since the series' 1993 premiere, with the exception being that Mitch Pileggi has been inserted into the opening credits alongside David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

After a variety of ominous images and eerie synthesizer music, the show typically closes by displaying the message "I Want to Believe" across the screen, a message often reiterated by Special Agent Mulder. Last night's premiere, however, dropped letters to share the message, "I Want to Lie."

With this being only the first of 10 episodes of Season 11, it's unclear how this message could tie into the narrative. The amount of surprising information revealed in the premiere could hint that many of that episode's elements were merely a red herring and that the characters were intentionally misleading one another, as well as the audience, or it could merely indicate that audiences should all expect much more deception in the upcoming season.

Another mystery regarding the audio message is whose voice was featured in it, due to the amount of distortion it was subjected to. Anderson has previously revealed that this will be her last outing as Scully, so it's possible that it's her voice, but it could also be creator Chris Carter's, as he's shared that he doesn't see The X-Files without Scully, with this season potentially being the end.

New episodes of The X-Files air Wednesdays at 8:00 PM ET on FOX.

[H/T YouTube, Jordin Goff]

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