'Cloverfield 5' Could Already Exist, With Daisy Ridley as Star

After the surprising release - and response to - this week's The Cloverfield Paradox, fans are eagerly wondering where the franchise could go next. And now, a new theory suggests that the next two installments of the franchise are already in the works.

Following the multiverse-creating ramifications of Paradox, some have begun to wonder what other films being made under J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot production company could somehow be linked to the Cloverfield franchise.

Surprisingly, a pretty likely candidate is Kolma, a supernatural drama which went into pre-production back in 2016. Kolma is based off of a 2003 Israeli TV movie, and follows a couple dealing with the ramifications of the afterlife. The man dies in a car accident, and spends fifty years waiting for his girlfriend in the after life. Once she does die, she is faced with a dilemma - either relive her life as a young woman, or fully cross over to the afterlife with her first love.

While it's unknown what production status the film is in, there are quite a few notable names attached. Namely, Star Wars star Daisy Ridley is set to play the film's lead, while The Diary of a Teenage Girl's Marielle Heller is set to direct.

Sure, on the surface, Kolma might not sound like a Cloverfield movie (a qualm that some have had with Paradox in the week since its release). But in a weird way, a clue found in the Cloververse ARG has supported the theory that Kolma could be connected.

The website for Tagruato, a fictional company inside the Cloververse, recently updated in an interesting way following the release of Paradox. The site appeared to be broken, aside from showing a pixelated version of a 2007 Israeli news article.

As Reddit user RealJohnGillman pointed out, the translation of the article talks about a road being closed down for mysterious reasons.

Kolma Is Cloverfield 5 Confirmed from r/Cloververse

Considering what we know about the plot of Kolma - namely, the car crash and the supernatural elements - this presence in the Cloververse ARG certainly feels like more than a coincidence. (After all, Paradox was first confirmed through a similar sort of sleuthing.)

So, could we be seeing the Cloverfield franchise tackle the world of supernatural romance? Could Ridley - presumably fresh off of her performance in Star Wars: Episode IX - be bringing her talents to the anthology? Fans will just have to stay tuned.

The Cloverfield Paradox is now available on Netflix.

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