'The Predator' Creature Actor Compares Performance to 'God of War'

The success of a Predator film often hinges on the success of the titular monster, as an unintimidating terror might not strike fear into the hearts of audiences. With the upcomingThe Predator, the performer under the alien, Brian A. Prince, promises we'll see a different kind of monster, whose physical abilities Prince likened to a character from God of War.

“I have a lot of stuff from the God Of War games, because that character’s a big inspiration for me,” Prince shared with Den of Geek. “The main character of that game is Kratos – this big, tall warrior. He’s very similar to what the Predator creature is, in my mind, so I use him as a reference and inspiration.”

Given that the creature is a hunter from another planet, audiences didn't need to see much more than his terrifying visage and array of weapons to be horrified. Prince claimed that this new installment in the series will give audiences even more to be afraid of.

“This creature’s a lot more mobile,” Prince noted. “In the other films, they’d move, for sure, but a lot of the times, in the first one, there wasn’t a lot of agile movement. So with this one, for me, they’re throwing me through things, I’m fighting, slashing. One of the things I had in mind was for the creature to look heavy, to look big, but also to be very mobile – kind of like a lion. A big creature… or a bear. You see one running at you, and you’re like, Oh damn.”

The Predator has never been as mobile as Prince is describing, with the creature's more stoic and stalking behavior being the reason behind Jean-Claude Van Damme getting fired from the original film. That film's visual effects supervisor detailed last year how the production parted ways with the martial arts performer.

"I was in Joel Silver's trailer, and he had called for Jean-Claude to come see him," Joel Hynek shared with The Hollywood Reporter. "And he comes in the trailer and Joel starts saying, 'You gotta stop kickboxing!' --- because [Jean-Claude] wanted to kickbox --- and he was telling him, 'Look, the Predator is not a kickboxer.'"

Hynek continued, "And Van Damme was like (Van Damme voice), 'I must do that; that's how I see the Predator.' And Joel said, 'Well, you're fired. Get out of here.' And Van Damme says, 'Kiss my balls!' and walks out, and that was the end of that."

Fans can see this new iteration of the villain when The Predator hits theaters on September 14th.


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