'Halloween' Eyeing $100 Million Global Launch

Blumhouse and Universal are preparing to demolish the box office around the globe with the theatrical release of Halloween this weekend.

According to a report from Deadline, the latest numbers suggest that the David Gordon Green-directed reboot/sequel could earn north of $100 million globally in its first three days in theaters. That accounts for about $30 million across international markets, and $70 million in North America. However, some experts are arguing that the domestic estimate is a little low, and could reach even higher with the help of word of mouth and positive reviews.

The $30 million internationally would come from a total of 21 markets, including Mexico, UK, Russia, and Taiwan. Deadline's report suggests that Halloween has an extremely wide reach with audiences and is tracking far beyond the typical R-rated horror demographic.

Ahead of its release, Halloween has already become the biggest horror pre-seller of the year on Fandango, topping New Line's Conjuring spinoff, The Nun. Given that The Nun debuted to $53.8 million domestically with lower advanced sales and poor reviews, Halloween should be able far outperform those numbers.

Also helping Halloween is the fact that no other major studio is releasing a new film this weekend, which is likely a result of the force this movie will be. The biggest competition will come from Venom and A Star Is Born, both of which are entering their third weekend at the box office. Each of those returning films is looking to earn between $18 and $20 million this weekend.

Halloween is aiming to replicate the success of WB's Stephen King remake, It, which hit theaters last September. When It first arrived, it amassed a whopping $123 million in its opening weekend from the domestic box office alone. While that certainly seems like a longshot for Halloween at this point, it may have a chance to keep up with It's overall box office run. By the time the adaptation left theaters last fall, it had earned more than $700 milllion worldwide.


How much money do you think Halloween will make at the box office this weekend? Could it top It by the time everything is said and done? Let us know in the comments!

Halloween, directed by David Gordon Green and starring Jamie Lee Curtis, is set to hit theaters on Friday.