'Stranger Things' Season 3 Trailer Teaser Released by Netflix

Netflix is letting fans of Stranger Things know that it's time to start paying attention to the town of Hawkins, Indiana again, as we now have a new teaser for what we can only assume will be the imminent arrival of the full Stranger Things Season Three trailer!

You can check out the trailer via Twitter below:

The teaser is a very effective combination of visual spectacle and advertised dread: we see a horde of rats in what looks to be an old abandoned factory, fleeing from something, while the ominous caption reads, "it's almost feeding time."

Showrunner Shawn Levy shared his own version of the teaser, confirming to fans that, "Toldja. Soon. Very very soon."

Netflix was less subtle about pushing the true squirm-inducing part of this new teaser: all those rats running across the room!

The upside-down smiley face emojis are a nice touch. Clearly there's something bad building in the shadows of this scary little setting - and we can't wait to see more of what it is!

The question these teasers, well, teases is whether those rats are the threat, or if they're fleeing from the threat that's lurking off-camera. Given the nature of Stranger Things, it technically could be either, since the series has shown that evil forces of the dark dimension known as the "Upside Down" can either possess living beings of our dimension or send horrific monsters bursting through loose seams between the dimensions.

Stranger Things Season Two ended with the Hawkins gang fending demonic forces of the Upside Down and closing a portal that a great shadow monster known as the "Mind Flayer" wanted to use to cross over to our world. While the Hawkins gang managed to stop the invasion that time, the Mind Flayer gained knowledge of Eleven's powerful psychic abilities, and was last seen interdimensionally stalking her and her other geek friends at a school dance.


We already know that Season Three will see Hawkins plunged into all-out war against the forces of the Upside Down, and that the Mind Flayer won't be the only big villain in the season. Indeed, show creators The Duffer Brothers and the cast members have all been touting that "bigger, darker, scarier" towline for Season Three, so needless to say, this upcoming trailer is going to generate massive buzz if it delivers as promised.

Stranger Things Season Three arrives on July 4th.