New NOS4A2 Featurette Explores Bringing the Book to Life for the New Series

AMC hopes to have found the horror hit of the summer by adapting Joe Hill's novel NOS4A2. While the network's first foray into scripted drama was the critically-acclaimed Mad Men, properties like The Walking Dead, Preacher, and The Terror have solidified the network as a boundary-pushing genre haven. The all-new adaptation is based on Hill's New York Times best-seller, which was nominated for the Bram Stoker Award for Best Novel in 2013. Ahead of the series debuting on AMC on June 2nd, Hill detailed the process of bringing the book to life and the impact it left on him in the above featurette.

NOS4A2 introduces Vic McQueen (Ashleigh Cummings), a gifted young woman who discovers she has a supernatural ability to find lost things. This ability puts her on a collision course with the evil and immortal Charlie Manx (Zachary Quinto). Manx is a supernatural villain who feeds off the souls of children then deposits what remains of them into Christmasland – a twisted place of Manx’s imagination where every day is Christmas Day and unhappiness is against the law. Vic strives to defeat Manx and rescue his victims – without losing her mind or falling victim to him herself.

The series stars Emmy-nominated actor and producer Zachary Quinto (Star Trek, American Horror Story) and rising star Ashleigh Cummings (The Goldfinch). Emmy-nominated director Kari Skogland (The Handmaid’s Tale, Sons of Liberty) directed the first two episodes of the series. The cast also includes Olafur Darri Olafsson (Lady Dynamite) as Bing Partridge, Virginia Kull (The Looming Tower) as Linda McQueen, Ebon Moss-Bachrach (The Punisher) as Chris McQueen, and Jahkara Smith (aka Sailor J) as Maggie Leigh.

"When a writer talks about having their story adapted, they say the same cliche things," Hill explained. "But it's all true. It's just incredibly thrilling to see all this stuff you lived with in your imagination suddenly set before you."

Of course, a horror story needs to offer audiences not only a thrilling narrative, but also a human character for viewers to connect with.

"NOS4A2 introduces this world where there is a secret community of people who have unusual occult powers," Hill noted. "It's a kind of twisted vampire story set on America's backroads. But also NOS4A2 is the story of a young woman named Vic McQueen who comes from a blue collar corner of Massachusetts and Vic has an impossible gift. An ability to find lost things."

Tune in to the series premiere of NOS4A2 on AMC on June 2nd.

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